ROI² | Influence Intelligence

Continuous Intelligence -- An "Always On" Advantage

Profiling Solutions, Tracking & Trending, Measurements & Outcomes, Continuous Intelligence

The Big Picture – The Little Details
ROI² has the range of vision to see the entire pharmaceutical market landscape, combined with the ability to scrutinize the niche of a specific drug so that its introduction and impact are optimized.

Because Peers Listen to Peers
We identify the ideal speakers and representatives, selecting them from a deep KOL database. The depth of our solution is matched to a straightforward strategy: Word of mouth works. ROI² has the power to validate national leaders, locate local leaders and meet the genuine need to find the right peer communities and facilitate their interaction. This drives awareness and accelerates approval.

ROI² competitive marketing intelligence and branding strategy encompasses:

  • Resource Allocation Alignment
  • KOL Identification and Intelligence
  • Speaker Qualification and Excellence
  • Message Effectiveness Assurance
  • Product Advocacy

Our commitment to continuous intelligence accounts for:

  • Publication Planning
  • Advisory Board Planning
  • Institutional / COE Intelligence
  • Market Development